Porter Freight Funding provides it clients with industry’s best fuel card, powered by EFS fuel networks which are services by over 14,000 stations nationwide, saving them money on every haul. Competitive discounts are available with major truck stops across the country with the fuel card. The fuel card also offers credit line and fuel advances for diesel fuel available.


Truck drivers have to make fuel purchases to operate their trucking company, and using a fuel card for those purchases means that you won’t ever have to pay the full price of fuel ever again. You save thousands of dollars over the course of the year on fuel. The savings from those discounts from your fuel expenses end up covering the cost of your factoring fee.​

Control Over Your Spending

It is easy to control your spending when using a fuel card. Regardless of whether you have a fleet of trucks or you’re an owner-operator, you are in control. If you have a truck driver who drives for you, you can control and monitor their spending and set budgets and purchase limits. Having this amount of control limits fraudulent activity as well.


Having a fuel card is extremely convenient. You or your fleet will never have to pay for fuel out of pocket, and no one will have to incur the cost of fuel. There is no handling of receipts or having to track someone down for reimbursement. Having a fuel card allows you and your drivers to feel comfortable while on the road.


The more flexible your fuel card is, the better. The best fuel cards offer additional benefits like discounts on tires, repairs, lodging, and food and drink at partnering locations. The card app allows you to find the lowest fuel prices and closest locations right at your fingertips. Some apps may also have IFTA reporting too.

Fuel Advances

An additional benefit of having a fuel card is fuel advances. Fuel advances work by your funds getting distributed directly onto your fuel card. When you work with Porter Freight Funding, we will advance your funding straight to your fuel card. This brings you comfort in knowing that your fuel card will always be loaded, and you’ll never need to worry about if you, or your fleet, have enough money for fuel to get home or to your next location.