Owning a business brings many rewards, but it also entails risks. Your trucking business tends to compliance concerns and deals with various vendors and manufacturers daily. Sending trucks out on the road also incurs risk. When you stop at a weigh station, get gas at a truck stop or drive for long stretches, your safety often depends on the actions of those around you.

You need protection when the unexpected occurs. Taking out an insurance policy can give you peace of mind in a sometimes-unpredictable industry, and Portner Freight Funding can help you get a quote.

What Is Trucking General Liability Insurance?

All businesses can benefit from taking out a general liability insurance policy. It provides general coverage for some of the most common accidents and third-party injuries businesses encounter, such as:

  • Damage to property.
  • Injured employees.
  • Copyright infringement.

Essentially, the policy protects you from any lawsui