As a driver, you spend lots of time in your truck. You’re covered by your business’s insurance policy when you haul a load. But what about when you go off the clock and remain behind the wheel of your truck? If you get in an accident, will you be covered? Many complex rules govern what constitutes business coverage, but there will be times you hit the road when your business insurance doesn’t cover you.

Non-trucking insurance will give you peace of mind when you drive your truck on a day off or you need to take it to a repair shop. Getting non-truck liability insurance reduces your risks whenever you get behind the wheel of your truck.

What Is Noncommercial Truck Insurance?

Non-trucking insurance provides coverage when you drive your truck outside of business hours. Many drivers prefer using their trucks to run errands or take out their families, and they still need insurance coverage during these times.

Non-truck liability insurance covers you whenever you drive your truck for non-commercial reasons. It doesn’t cover the goods you may be ha