Dry vans protect loads from the elements, offering an ideal way to carry cargo that requires some care but doesn’t need to be temperature-controlled. If you drive a dry van, your services are in high demand. You play a crucial role in many logistics operations, and you should see the value of that work in your rates. Using dry van dispatch service can ensure you get the support you need for your business.

Porter Freight Funding acts as a trusted partner to connect you with dispatching for dry vans. We help you accomplish the back-office tasks every business needs to achieve to succeed. Our team connects you with dispatchers that look out for you on the front lines, working as a part of your office staff to help your business thrive.

What Is Dry Van Load Dispatching?

Dispatching involves doing tasks for truckers that would otherwise keep them off the road. A dispatcher tends to tasks like invoicing your customers and helping you find the insurance and equipment you need at the best prices. A dry van dispatch service can also find new customers for you, decreasing your idle time and increasing your efficiency.

The Advantages of Load Dispatching for Dry Vans

Freeing yourself from other tasks allows you to spend more time where you want to be — out on the road. You can take on more loads when you have less to take care of in the office. Load dispatching services save you time while also increasing your revenue. The benefits of using load dispatching include:

  • Negotiating prices so you get a higher rate per load.
  • Getting credit authorization to ensure the company you book can pay you.
  • Performing BOC-3 and other filings.

Why Choose Us When You Need a Dry Van Dispatching Company?

Porter Freight Funding can connect you with trusted dispatching services. Our team has contacts throughout the industry, and you can rely on us to make the right connections to services that save you time and maximize your profit. Our partners handle the back-end tasks to allow you to drive and grow your business.

When you work with us, you get your own customer service representative. You can contact us any time you have questions.

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