Freight Factoring Services for Trucking

With a combined 100 years of truck factoring experience, we know how to improve cash flow for your trucking business.

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Get Paid Faster With Freight Factoring

Payments from shipping companies take a while to come through, but you need money now. At Porter Freight Funding, we offer freight bill factoring — a service that provides you access to your money within 24 hours and sometimes sooner. You’ll accept and deliver shipments on your own, then send us the load documentation. We’ll give you an almost 100% of what the shipper owes you right away.

Porter Freight Funding contracts are flexible and full of benefits. We offer convenient options like free broker credit checks and free invoicing with any of our freight factoring services. With over 100 years of industry experience, we’re the right freight factoring company for trucking businesses anywhere in the U.S. Get started with Porter Freight Funding today!