Choosing power-only trucking offers many benefits to your business. You save yourself time and hassle because you don’t have to load or unload the trailers. You can find many brokers who need loads delivered and will pay good prices. Connecting with them may be the biggest challenge — and partnering with a power-only truck dispatching company can help.

Porter Freight Funding can connect you to the support you need as you start or grow your power-only business. Our experienced team knows the value of outsourcing the tasks you don’t have time for or don’t want to do. It frees you to spend more time on the road. We can assist you by connecting you to a dispatcher that works on the front line for your business, acting as part of your office staff.

What Is Dispatching for Power-Only Trucks?

Power-only load dispatching cuts down on your idle time by helping you to find loads and taking care of other back-end jobs. When you hand off the logistics, you can focus on driving and other key aspects of your business.

The Advantages of Power-Only Dispatch Services

Imagine how productive you could be if you no longer needed to worry about finding loads or tending to everyday clerical tasks. A dispatcher acts as the middleman between you and your customers. They assist you with many of the logistics that make your business thrive, including:

  • Negotiating better rates for your loads.
  • Connecting you with the equipment and insurance you need.
  • Aiding you with credit authorization.

Why Work With Porter Freight Funding?

At Porter Freight Funding, we have an experienced team with contacts throughout the industry. Our expertise can help you find a dispatcher that can do everything from filing your numbers to getting the financing you need.

We offer outstanding customer service, and we’re here when you have questions. When you sign on with us, we give you a dedicated representative so you know who to communicate with.

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