Carrying hotshot loads is a specialized business. Do you feel like you spend too much time finding loads instead of getting out on the road? Using a hotshot dispatch can help you turn your attention back where it belongs.

Porter Freight Funding connects truckers carrying hotshot loads with reliable dispatch services. Whether you need support as your company scales or you’ve recently gotten into the industry and are finding your footing, we can help.

What Are Hotshot Dispatch Services?

Hotshot dispatchers handle many aspects of working with the carrier and shipper or broker. They understand the nuances of shipping smaller freight that must reach its destination quickly. To succeed in hotspot dispatching, drivers need to be able to find lucrative loads on short notice and negotiate profitable rates. The time spent searching and negotiating adds up significantly.

Dispatchers for hotshot drivers can use their expertise to help you find loads to keep your revenue steady. They can also leverage their bargaining power to negotiate higher rates on your behalf. With the logistics taken care of, you can focus on driving and other aspects of your trucking business.

The Benefits of Using a Dispatch Company for Hotshot Loads

A hotshot dispatcher handles logistics and lets you concentrate on trucking. When you know that the details are being taken care of and business is coming in, you can become more efficient and effective with your delivery. Dispatchers take on back-end jobs that you don’t have time to pursue. Other advantages of using hotshot dispatch services include:

  • Helping you make your runs on time by getting rid of hurdles in your way.
  • Refining your communications with your customers.
  • Learning about business opportunities in a timely fashion.
  • Getting insights you can’t find anywhere else.

Why Choose Porter Freight Funding?

Bringing on a dispatcher is a critical decision for your business. At Porter Freight Funding, we have an established history with reliable dispatchers for hotshot drivers. We’ll connect you with the partner you need to succeed.

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