Truckers sometimes make trips without a trailer attached. These bobtail drives often last only a few miles, perhaps only to the terminal of a new carrier. But no matter how short or how long you’ll be on the road, you need the protection offered by bobtail truck insurance.

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What Is Bobtail Coverage for Truckers?

Bobtail coverage insures you when you drive your 18-wheeler without a trailer attached to it. You need to have insurance when you make these trips with or without dispatch. Most carriers require this insurance, and it protects you in the case of an accident. It applies when you drive without a load, most often going back and forth between the terminal.

Bobtail insurance differs from non-trucking insurance. The latter is coverage for when you drive your truck during your off hours or non-commercial time. Fewer truckers need bobtail insurance, but both types of policy offer valuable liability coverage.