Referring a friend to Porter Freight is a win-win situation. You help a friend in the industry join one of the top 5 factoring companies in the U.S. and you get a cash reward as a thank you for referring us to your friends. Porter wants to continue to help your business flourish but also want to help grow your friend’s businesses.

Forming Relationships

Word of mouth is still one of the best marketing strategies that companies can use to their advantage. When you think about it, most consumer decisions we make is because a friend told us about the product/service whether it be a shared post on social media or telling us in person. Business is all about relationship building. You chose Porter Freight as your factoring company because we help you grow your business through available cash flow and the additional channel partnerships we have that you and your business have access to.

Growing Your Business 

Again, a huge part of owning a business is about the relationship that you form. Educating your friends about factoring and telling them about your positive experience is a great way to build trust in relationships. When you need help, your friends will be there for you and possibly teach you something about the industry that you did not know! Over time, you and your business will be better for this trustworthy communication.

How To Submit a Referral 

If the benefits of submitting a referral above were not enough, Porter will also give you a cash reward! For every referral you send our way, we will send you $300 once they receive their first funding. That $300 could add up real quick if you send us a couple referrals a month. So, when you are traveling, we sure to ask fellow owner-operators if they have heard of factoring!

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