As a leader of a trucking fleet, you know how important it is to ensure your entire team is operating efficiently. Partnering with a trucking factoring service in Alabama like Porter Freight Funding will set your company up for success to ensure you continue to deliver high-quality services.

Our Freight Factoring Services

Porter Freight Funding has provided factoring services for trucking companies for over 15 years, making us a reliable resource for improving your cash flow. Instead of waiting for your money from shipping companies after completing a job, access your payment within hours with our factoring services. This fast pay enables you to pay any debts or operating expenses as soon as possible to help your company grow.

Additional benefits of choosing Porter Freight Funding as your truck factoring service in Alabama include:

  • Improve cash flow: Our funding services allow you to receive the money you earned from a job the same day you submit an invoice to improve cash flow for your business.
  • Flexible funding: Choose as many or as few invoices you would like to factor for a flexible funding option.
  • More time growing your business: Our team will handle all collections allowing your business to grow without additional debt.

Our Freight Dispatching Services

We can also connect trucking companies with reliable partners who offer freight dispatching in Alabama. Our dispatch connection services allow you to foster relationships with pre-approved brokers and shippers. Let our partnered dispatching companies in Alabama handle all work on the back-end to give you more time to focus on deliveries and daily activities.

Our Additional Services

With decades of industry experience and a staff of knowledgeable and reliable specialists, choosing Porter Freight Funding for freight factoring in Alabama sets your trucking company up for success. Additional services we can help with:

  • Insurance: Our partners will help you find the lowest insurance premium without sacrificing coverage.
  • Compliance: Help your company improve DOT compliance and avoid costly mistakes with our business partner’s vast knowledge of these services.
  • Fuel cards: Receive a discount every time you fill up at a station or truck stop within our network with our fuel cards for Alabama trucking companies.
  • Mobile app: Manage business needs — such as submitting paperwork and referring new clients — right from your phone with our mobile app.

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Porter Freight Funding is proud to help trucking companies improve their cash flow through transportation factoring in Alabama.