Your cash flow is the lifeblood of your trucking business. When your payments from shipping companies take a while to come through or you have to pay additional fees for insurance, it can greatly impact your Georgia-based business. Fortunately, with Porter Freight Funding, our services will help your company handle transportation factoring in Georgia and more so you can spend more time helping your business grow.

Freight Factoring

It can take up to two months for trucking companies to collect payment from brokers, forcing you to take out loans or contribute to debts as you wait for your money. Luckily, with Porter Freight Funding’s truck factoring service in Georgia, you’ll have access to your money within 24 hours.


As the leader of a trucking fleet, you know your company’s success relies on finding clients and ensuring they complete their payments. This process can be time-consuming for many businesses. When you partner with us, we’ll connect you to a network of reliable dispatching companies in Georgia and across the U.S. to build connections with shippers and brokers.


Our business insurance partners ensure you receive the lowest rate in the industry while maintaining the coverage you need. Applicants can also utilize our business consultants to minimize their down payments and additional charges.

Department of Transportation (DOT) Compliance

DOT compliance is mandatory for all trucking fleets and will protect your company against serious fines. Partnering with Porter Freight Funding grants you access to training plans and other strategies to encourage DOT compliance at all company levels. Let us help you avoid costly mistakes and keep your company safe.

Fuel Card

Save money every time your fleet fills up their tanks with our fuel cards for Georgia trucking companies. Our fuel cards keep a digital record of all transactions and additional information for accurate and streamlined bookkeeping. Owners and operators can also load funds directly onto the cards to ensure their drivers always have the funds to complete their jobs without delay.

Mobile App

Manage your business from your phone with our mobile app. Carriers can use the app to perform many services, such as credit checks and submitting paperwork. Take advantage of faster paperwork submission with our app today.

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Find high-paying clients and get paid faster with less risk when you partner with Porter Freight Funding. Whether you’re looking for freight factoring to improve your cash flow or access to professional freight dispatching in Georgia, Porter Freight Funding is here to help. Request a quote or contact us at 205-397-0934 to speak to one of our representatives today.