Help your trucking company in Tennessee succeed when you partner with Porter Freight Funding. Our professional team assists with business essentials such as transportation factoring, insurance, dispatching, fuel and DOT compliance for trucking companies in Tennessee. Set your company up for success with professional services from Porter Freight Funding and our trusted network business partners today!

Our Services

Porter Freight Funding and our partners are proud to help many trucking companies in Tennessee with a wide range of services.

Freight Factoring

Instead of waiting up to two months after completing a job to receive payment from a shipping company, access your money within 24 hours with our truck factoring service in Tennessee. Our flexible contracts for freight factoring in Tennessee offer free broker credit checks and invoicing to give you more time and resources to focus on helping your business grow.

Freight Dispatching

Our dispatch services  through our trusted partners will allow your company the opportunity to connect with reliable dispatchers who offer freight dispatching in Tennessee and across the U.S. You can also rely on our partners to handle all back-end work so you can spend more time focusing on the daily activities of your business.


Protect your company with an insurance policy from one of  Porter Freight Funding’s business partners. We will help you find the lowest rates to save your company money while protecting against accidents and property damage. Our partners also offer the option for companies to plan their insurance payments to coincide with the FMCSA’s mandatory waiting period so you can start hauling your first load within 15 days of applying.


Ensuring your company is Department of Transportation (DOT) compliant protects against severe fines and safety hazards. Porter Freight Funding will help your company develop training plans and other strategies to increase DOT compliance. When you enlist our partner’s services, your company will experience many benefits, such as supporting road safety and protecting the reliable reputation you’ve worked so hard to achieve.

Fuel Card

Save money every time you fill up with a fuel card for Tennessee trucking businesses from Porter Freight Funding. Our fuel cards offer discounts at many major chains for a convenient way to control spending.

When you use our fuel cards, you’ll also have the option to distribute funds directly on the card to give your fleet peace of mind that they’ll always have the money or fuel to get to their destination safely.

Mobile App

With our mobile app, carriers can submit paperwork and check the status of their load funding from their phones. Our mobile app allows for real-time data collection to improve bookkeeping accuracy.

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We look forward to helping your company grow and thrive with our services, such as connecting with a dispatching company in Tennessee or our fuel card program.