Wondering how truck drivers stay entertained while on the road? Surprisingly, their hobbies don’t have to alter too much because of life on the road. We’ve gathered a list of the top hobbies that occupy the time of truck drivers while on the road:


Any activity that strictly requires listening is obviously a huge hit in the transportation world. Podcasts, audiobooks, Rosetta Stone, etc. are all great hobbies for truck drivers. This is easy entertainment that they can enjoy while working.


Being on the road non-stop allows you to see some pretty amazing sights. Photographing their journeys is a wonderful hobby that truck drivers have. Being away from home can get tiring very quickly. But, taking advantage of the sights that you pass along the way is taking a glass-half-full approach. You can share these photographs with your loved ones and share the road with them!


Just like taking photos along the way to remember all of the unique sights, truck drivers also start collections of different things. A few examples are t-shirts, post cards and shot glasses. Being able to say that you have collected a t-shirt, etc. from every single state is pretty cool!

Creative Arts

Keeping your mind active is super important after having to focus on the road all day. Journaling, painting, puzzles, and playing an instrument are just a few examples of activities for a creative outlet.


Usually, there is plenty of room for truckers to install a TV, which means, there is also room to plug-in an Xbox or other gaming system. Hand-held games, like a Nintendo Switch, are also very popular.


Yes! Yes, you can cook on the road! There are so many different cooking appliances that are portable and easy to use in confined spaces. Some trucks have larger cabins so, of course, this might not apply to every truck driver. But, it is common for truck drivers to cook for themselves while traveling.


Driving long hours can be very exhausting for our bodies. Making sure to set time each day to stretch and perform some sort of physical activity is important! Hopping out of the truck and shaking off the stillness is a pretty good feeling.